Welcome to Veritas Psychological Center.  Veritas Psychological Center is located in El Dorado Hills, California. Veritas was founded by Drs. Dave and Marta Pickens in 2008 after having been in private practice for a number of years. Currently Veritas employs two psychologists and one Marriage and Family Pscyhotherapists. Veritas services the El Dorado Hills and Folsom communities as well as the greater Sacramento area.

The staff at Veritas Psychological Center provide psychotherapy, assessment, and consultation to families, couples, and individuals in all stages of life from childhood and adolescence through the golden years on their journey towards wholeness.

With a compassionate and gentle approach to counseling, Veritas staff help those suffering from a wide range of issues including depression, addictions (i.e., sexual, chemical), anger, anxiety, grief, marital and pre-marital concerns, parenting, spiritual concerns, stress, learning disabilities, and more.

Current research from the fields of psychoanalysis, attachment theory, and neuroscience indicate that a relationship with a trained psychotherapist can help to free the nonconscious mind, provide individuals with a secure attachment, and literally reshape (rewire) the brain. Therapists at Veritas approach each individual, couple, and family with the belief that transformation of the soul is available to those who search.