marta-resized.jpgDr. Marta Pickens is a clinical psychologist who maintains a private practice in child and adolescent clinical psychology. Her psychotherapy is informed by the latest research in the fields of attachment, neuroscience, play therapy, and psychoanalytic theory.

Dr. Marta works with children as young as three years old and up through late adolescence, and addresses issues such attachment, separation anxiety, depression, loss, self-concept, relational difficulties, and learning disabilities.

Dr. Marta’s work with child patients is grounded in her belief that a child’s emotional, relational, cognitive, physical, and spiritual selves are intimately connected and attention to the whole child is crucial in treatment.Dr. Marta has received specialized training in the area of child and adolescent psychological assessment (to learn more about child psychological assessment services, click here). She has actively pursued post-graduate training in the field of attachment, and is certified to administer and interpret one of the most sophisticated clinical tools in the field of attachment, the Adult Attachment Interview. Marta also faciliates attachment-based parenting groups for mothers and mothers-to-be.

My goal as a child, adolescent, and family psychologist is to help children and families reach a place of wholeness, health, and intimacy. The most current attachment, neuropsychological, and psychoanalytic research indicates that a therapeutic relationship can help to restructure the child’s inner, emotional life, as well as his/her cognitive functioning. I consider it a profound gift to be able to work with children in these spaces.